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About us

Welcome to HouseShotz.com

We are here to help you sell your home quickly and for the most amount possible

A story that led to the beginnings of HouseShotz.com.   My wife and I are professional photographers.  A few years back, we decided to sell our home.  Our realtor did the comp analysis of other homes in our area and recommended a listing price.

We were shocked.  Ours was a great house in a very desirable neighborhood.  Plus, we had done many nice upgrades.  We knew if we could get people to come and look, that the house would sell quickly and for more money.

We decided to photograph our home ourselves and told our realtor to list the house for 24k more than she advised.  She said we were crazy, that the house wouldn't sell bla bla bla.  We finally got her to agree to list it and to have an open house the following weekend.

Monday morning she called to tell us she had 17 families go through our home and she had three signed purchase offers; one for full asking price.  She was astonished.  Our home sold the first weekend and for full asking price!  24k MORE than she recommended.   A year later, HouseShotz was born.

Friend, even if your home were to just sell quickly, our service is well worth it.  But if your home were to sell quickly and possibly for thousands more; why wouldn't you consider having your home photographed professionally by HouseShotz?







Robert & Christine Thomson